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Membership Policy and Benefits

DFWMM is a non-profit organization and is founded with a goal of bringing together Marathi community. We are one of the most successful and accomplished groups of Indian origin. Your membership enables DFWMM to bring quality programs to its members and community. By being a DFWMM member, share your appreciation of Marathi culture, and grow the Marathi community stronger. Meet more like-minded people and expand your social and professional network.

DFWMM Membership
DFWMM Membership is annual (valid for one year from  1st of July thru 30th of June). Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. The membership cost is set to be economical so it will not be prorated if purchased during the year. We recommend to purchase at the beginning of the term to earn all membership benefits.
Family Membership: $40
Individual Membership: $25 
Important Note: Prorated membership has been discontinued. Cost of membership will be same throughout the mandal year.
Family Membership:
Family membership is configured with a concept of family as, the member, his/her spouse, and their unmarried children. Any other person will have to pay at a non-member rate unless stated otherwise.
  • DFWMM Member’s visiting parents and in-laws (who are on a tourist visa) are entitled to avail tickets at member rates.
  • Any other visiting relative/friend is required to purchase tickets at non-member rates.
  • Typically Family Membership saves $50+ for an average family size of 2 adults and 2 child in just two prime events and other benefits throughout the year
Individual Membership:
This membership type entitles you to avail ONLY one ticket at discounted rate per DFWMM event. If you intend to bring a companion to DFWMM events, you are required to purchase their event tickets at non-member rates.
DFWMM Member Advantages
  • Discounted tickets to all DFWMM programs.
  • Members get an opportunity to participate in the Talent Show programs hosted by DFWMM if they comply with the event rules and qualifying criteria.
  • Access to Member ONLY events like Annual Picnic, Katta, etc.
  • Members are offered discounted child care rates at prime DFWMM events.
  • Advance ticket purchase window to get assigned preferred seating on first-purchase-first-seat basis.
  • Only Members’ children (age between 5years-13years) can avail the admission to Marathi Shaala at Plano & Irving location.
  • Discounted booth rentals at DFWMM prime events.
DFWMM Event Ticket Booking and Cancellation Policies
  • Every event will be announced with a cancellation window. One should request the cancellation via email to [email protected] with the booking details. DFWMM will not be able to process any refunds outside that window. 
  • All the volunteers need to purchase event tickets. DFWMM is a non-profit organization that hugely operates on the volunteer efforts. Thank you for volunteering with great enthusiasm!

Note: Policies are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the DFWMM committee.