We are sorry to see you here but Mandal will help you out....
आनंदाचा क्षणी सगळेच बरोबर असतात पण दुःखाच्या क्षणी मंडळ पाठीशी उभे असते


1. Funeral Home Service -->After Funeral is over, ask them for the deth certificate(They will apply for youte) :

Flower Mound Funeral Home

2. Panditji Dinesh : +1 469-545-5666

3. Shreeraghunath Temple: -->Click on Puja Request Form and call +1 469-640-5699 :Hindu Pooja Service
4. अस्थी विसर्जन (in the sea near Houston) : make sure to take *certificate of burial at sea अस्थी विसर्जन Service

5. Houston Indian Embesy: --> Misc. Consular services :Misc. Consular services

Below information is for the death certificate attestation so that it can be used in India for any future purpose.
1. death certificate (original)
2. *certificate of burial at sea
3. passport ( original )
4. copies of passport 2( front and back page)
5. passport size photo 2