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Annual Camping 2015

Bonham State Park, 1363 State Park 24 Bonham, TX 75418

Dear Members, we are cancelling this camping event due to rains. Safety of our members is of utmost importance to us. We apologize for any incovenience this causes you. 

Committee will start processing ticket refunds in next few days. Since the state park cancellation policy doesn't allow refunds on short notice, Mandal is bearing the penalties on behalf of all the members. However, we understand that most of you anxiously wait for this event all year long! So we are exploring alternate options for camping/GBM and will announce rescheduled plans soon. Please watch this space for more information. Thanks.


Please read below instructions before purchasing your tickets.

NOTE: Please do not purchase tickets for/on behalf of non DFWMM members! This is a member only event. Annual membership is pro-rated for remainder of the year (and very reasonable price).  Please encourage others to become DFWMM members and help us build a stronger local marathi community for you!

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to help out during camping for simple tasks. If you are interested or able, please let us know here. Appreciate your help!

Overnight Stay wiht Bunk Beds (sold out)

  1. Select number of person sleeping in bunk beds and add to the cart.
  2. Check Out

Overnight Stay in Tents (sold out)

  1. Please select a minimum 1 TENT site to your cart ( per family- up to 4 person capacity)
  2. Add numbmer of Adults (12+ years) & Kids (3-11 years) as appropriate to the cart.
  3. Checkout

Each tent can have maximum of 4 person. If you have a larger family, please select and add an additional tent/bunk beds to your shopping cart.

Day picnic (no evernight stay)

  1. Select number of Adults(12+ years) and add to the cart.
  2. Select number of kids (3-11 years) and add to the cart.
  3. Check Out

GBM Only Attendance

  1. if you are only interested in attending Annual GBM (2pm-4pm on Sat) and not staying therferafter- there is no charge for you to attend.
  2. However, you are required to RSVP so we can plan/communicate appropriately with state park entrance.
  3. Please add appropriate number of 'GBM only' ($0) attendees to the cart and checkout.


What to expect after your Purchase?

You will recieve an automatic email after your purchase, confirming the amount charged. After we recieve all the purchases, committee will start allocating bunk beds and tent sites in the order bookings are received. There is a limited number of bunk beds and tent sites avaialbe to us.  You will recieve a second email either confirming your allocation or non avaialbility. You can expect the second emails during the week of May 11th. In case on non availability, we will refund your payments.

We are also trying to acquire additional tent sites as they become available from the sate parks to accomodate as many folks as possible. Thank you for your patience as we work out the assignment/logistics in a fair and organized manner.


 We are excited to announce our much awaited annual camping event at Bonham State Park on May 16th 2015.

Let's come together and enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. Please mark your calendars for May 16th and 17th for DFWMM Camping & GBM.
  • STOP making plans for the weekend of May 16/17th because your plans are done :)
  • Overnight space availability is limited so make sure you book your choice campsite/bunk bed immediately.
  • Registration will remain open till May 10th 2015 or when we reach the maximum capacity; whichever comes first. Logistics committee reservers the right to cancel and refund you tickets in case of overbookings. We will notify in such cases (if that happens).



  • Annual General Body Meeting
    • Year Reviews
    • vote on proposal (if any) for amending the by-laws & constitution
    • Selection of 2015-16 Committee
    • Q & A
  • Ideal for the entire family (including visiting parents)
  • Walking trails, Sight-seeing, Sunrise walks, Yoga
  • Several activities planned for adults and children
  • Outdoor sports (Badminton, Cricket, volleyball)
  • Movies (On a big projector), Antakshari, Smores, Bridge, Cards
  • Food (with Chaha and Coffee)
    • Light Lunch when you arrive
    • Tea in the evening
    • Dinner when you are tired 
    • Breakfast when you Wake up

BYOW -Water:

We are going green this year! We are requesting all attendees to get their own water bottles/cups AND bulk drinking water. Our logistics team is preparing delicious lunch, breakfast, dinner and snacks. But we will NOT BE ARRANGING for WATER for anyone. Please plan appropriate amount of water for you and your family for your entire stay. You can buy bulk water cans from grocery store or get it from home in containers. In the past years, we had to make arrangements for massive amount of water for 250+ attendees but there was lot of wastage and huge pile of disposable water cups littered everywhere! Certainly there is a better way....lets try to be good citizens and stewards of our environment. Help us be more conscious and do the right thing :) Thank You.




We are excited to announce our much awaited annual camping event at Bonham State Park on MAY 17th 2014. Let's come together and enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. Please mark your calendars for May 17th and 18th for DFWMM Camping. Stay tuned for further details.