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Aapala Katta #3

3030 Broadmoor Ln, Flower Mound TX 75022

Thanks everyone for making this event a huge success!
We are pleased to announce the next Katta ( Katta #3) on Saturday, Feb 22nd in Flower Mound. This is our first program in Flower Mound.
Admission is FREE. You do not need to be DFWMM member. We only request you to RSVP so that we can plan better.

Event Details:
1. Spring Gardening / Composting Tips
(Ms. Manju Ruikar / Coppell Community Garden)
With the harsh winter this year, all of us are looking forward to spring! And spring means gardening for the aficionados. Join us to know more about Spring Gardening and Composting to create a lush garden in your patio / back yard (till the next winter takes it out!)
2. Standup Comedy - Satire on Hindi Movies
(Mrs. Manjiri Joshi)
Hindi film dialogues and story lines always provide a table topic for discussion. Mrs. Joshi has studied them more closely than others. And she has been enterprising enough to challenge the dialogues with her own dose of satire.
3. Technology Advances in Medicine
(Dr. Prakash Kagal)
Dr. Kagal has practiced medicine in the US for over 30 years. Over the same period of time, there have been giant leaps in medical technology and ideas e.g. robotic surgeries, LASIK, DNA mapping, etc. Along with these, there definitely must have been other advances which we as laymen are not even aware of. Dr. Kagal will bring the key advances to light in a way we all can understand.