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Given the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in DFW and U.S., DFWMM’s much awaited ‘Sankrat 2022’ scheduled for January 22nd 2022 has been postponed until mid-February.


Sankranti 2022 entry registration form is closing soon!!! Hurry up if haven't submitted your entry!!!.

Rules for Sankranti 2022:

  • All participants and chorographers should be active member of DFW Maharashtra Mandal 2021-2022. Participation without membership is not permitted. Membership can be individual or Family.    
  • Performance time limit is 5 minutes for song/dance and 10 minutes for skit. Due to time constraint we will accept maximum only TWO skit entries.  
  • Each child participant can perform in maximum two performances and adult participants are allowed to participate only in One performance. 
  • SOLO performance of any kind at any time is not permitted in Talent show. 
  • Minimum 6 participants (including instrumentalist) are mandatory per group. 
  • Each chorographer is allowed to lead maximum 2 performances.  
  • Performances should adhere to the programming theme - 'भारतीय लोककला' - Indian Folk 
  • Programming committee will review all entries for timing, content and quality (audio & video) 
  • All media files (music, video, pictures, slideshow, documents) must be provided 5 days prior to the event day. Lead/Choreographer needs to run their cyclorama on their own. 
  • We are limiting entries this year to 25 performances. Programming Committee reserve rights to change the number of performances. 
  • If you are unable to find enough participants for the performance, contact us at [email protected] and we will connect you with other enthusiastic choreographer in your area. 


Please fill out this webform to submit your performance entry.