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This is a FREE Ladies Only Event. 

Please bring your favorite Khirapat to share...

See You All Ladies there for Bhondla!
Bhondala has been a very popular event every year & DFW Marathi Girls,Ladies look forward to participate enthusiastically.
Holding hands, singing Bhondala songs and dancing together in a circle, guessing and sharing Khirapat, Haldi Kumkum, ... is not just a tradition, it's also a reminder of our loving, caring friendships and support for each other.
Please join us for Bhondala on Saturday, October 8th.
You can make new friends and your little ones can understand & participate in this age old Marathi tradition.
It will be wonderful to see 3+ generations participating in this unique activity.  
Event Timeline
4:00 - 7:00 Bhondala


Thursday, October 8, 2015 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm

D/FW Hindu Temple, 1605 N Britain Rd, Irving, TX 75061

2018-2019 Membership

2018-2019 Family Member

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  • Discounted child care pricing

  • Talent Show participation

  • Access to "Member's only" free events

  • Marathi Shalaa Admission


2018-2019 Individual Member

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2018-2019 Diwali

[2018-2019] Diwali - VIP Admission

  • Member (Adult/Child) : $50

  • Non-Member (Adult/Child) : $75


  • Regular price for the ticket is $75, Member discount is shown against the ticket type


[2018-2019] Diwali - General Admission

  • Member (Adult) : $25 

  • Member (Child - Ages 3 to 14) : $15

  • Non-Member (Adult) : $30

  • Non-Member (Child - Ages 3 to 14) : $20

Event Ticket Policy

  • Children upto age 3 do not need a ticket but will not be assigned seat in the auditorium

  • Parents are responsible for keeping kids quite in the auditorium


[2018-2019] Diwali - Booth

  • Member: $50

  • Non-Member: $150

Terms & Conditions:

  • Committee will provide one table and two chairs for each booth

  • Maximum 2 persons allowed to manage the booth

  • Booth managers must purchase event ticket.

  • Booth allocation will be on "first come first serve" basis

  • Merchandise should have "reasonable price"

  • No Food items (for sale or personal) allowed on the booth

  • Political/controversial messaging will not be allowed

  • Committee is not responsible for any loss due to any reason 

  • Committee reserves the right to deny booth for non-conformance

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