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Committee 2016-17

The DFW Maharashtra Mandal committee is led by the Mandal President with the help of the rest of the committee. This consists of the Secretary handling the publication of periodicals and newsletters, the Treasurer, handling the Mandal's finances and a lot of help from the Members at large. Additionally, Youth Group Coordinators are occasionally chosen from the community to represent the younger generation members of the Mandal

Although, the Mandal programs are organized by the committee, their success would not be possible without the continuing help of numerous volunteers who have helped the Mandal selflessly.

Elections for the DFW Maharashtra Mandal Committee are held each year before the Ganesh Chaturthi Program with the new committee going into action during the Ganesh Chaturthi Program. You can email to the members of the current Committee at committee(at)


DFW Maharashtra Mandal 2016-2017 Committee

Mandar Wadekar (President)

Amit Joshi (Secretary)

Ajit Jagtap (Treasurer)
Harish Nehate (Treasurer)

Swati Amrute (Web Master) 
Sujit Sathe

Vinayak Agashe

Bhushan Gokhale

Sushil Dravekar
Harshad Oak

Purnima Nabar

Shamli Asnare

Rajshree Waranashiwar

Dhanada Kulkarni

Devaki Pande-Bam

Vishakha Bhedasgaonkar

Vaidehi Choudhary

Nikhil Potbhare

Yogesh Phatak

Shashank Jana

Ajinkya Pawar

Omkar Pote

Anup Shahapurkar


Roles & Responsibilities

Positions on the new committee include the President, Treasurer, Secretary, Web Master, and 13 Members-at-large. Note that only 1 person per family can be on the committee during the year and each candidate can only run for 1 specified position. The responsibilities of these positions are briefly summarized below:

President's Duties [1 Position]

  • President is required to have had past DFWMM Committee experience

  • Ensure that Mandal activities are consistent with Mandal's constitution and reflect expectations of the majority of the members.

  • Co-ordinate activities of the DFWMM Executive Committee and conduct meetings on a regular basis

  • Plan Mandal's activities throughout the year ensuring that the programs have enough variety, are spread across the year, are consistent with past years activities and meet overall members expectations.

Treasurer's Duties [2 Positions]

  • Collect, track, and manage funds for and at each DFWMM program and report the results in detail to the committee in the form of an Income/Expense statement.

  • Maintain DFW MM Bank Accounts, Member Accounts, Balances, Payments Due, Collections as well as Member Directory Information.

  • Publish DFWMM Directory and coordinate solicitation of advertisements sponsorships

  • Requires basic accounting and bookkeeping skills along with a good working knowledge of MS Access Database

Secretary's Duties [1 Position]

  • Correspondence: Send out newsletter and email reminders prior to each up coming event

  • Sam's Club membership holder for the Mandal and purchasing of items needed for each event

  • Compile and publish the Diwali magazine

  • Maintain an attendance log for all Committee meetings and publish meeting minutes in a timely fashion

Web Master's Duties [1 Position]

  • Manage DFWMM website for user accounts based on the membership status, online purchase of event tickets, online donations, etc.

  • Publish Events information, necessary forms and other online resources.

  • Manage member access resources such as Member's Directory, online discounted member rates.

  • Manage DFWMM Email lists and send out DFWMM emails.

  • Manage DFWMM Web presence on social networks such as Facebook.

Member-at-Large's Duties [Currently 13 Positions]

  • Regularly participate in Committee Meetings and Decision making processes along with other committee members.

  • Take an active role in organizing and executing Mandal activities and programs along with other committee members.

  • Occasionally, lead efforts outside of Mandal activities where the DFW Maharashtrian community can represented such as the Youth Groups, Cultural Programs and Community Service activities.

  • Back-fill any voids for roles and responsibilities that may occur due to occasional absence of members of the committee.