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Manaswini is for every woman in the DFWMM, and everyone can contribute to Manaswini!

Each of us has a unique experience and needs when coming to a new Country, State or City. And each of us has our unique expertise. We welcome you to share your experience and knowledge with us; we are sure that there will be at least one Sakhi around you who will benefit from that. And suppose there is something that we can not help you with, in that case, the Manaswini team will have resourceful people who, in turn, can extend their experience and expertise to make your journey more accessible and more successful.


Manaswini Basic - Helps Sakhi to have essential support in a new environment (Driving License/SSN/state id/School info, etc.)

Manaswini Financial Literacy - Provide literacy and support related to banking and finance-related activities (401k, HSA, etc.)

Manaswini Opportunities - A platform to contribute through various volunteering initiatives

Manaswini Professional Guidance - Guide in professional training and employment procedures, etc.


Join us to empower fellow Sakhis, to help them feel they belong and are supported.

You can be an active contributor to Manaswini to support the above initiatives. Sakhi, please help make this platform more robust and collaborative.



Scan the QR code for Manaswini enrollment form and be a Manaswini Sakhi.

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You may also contact any of our Manaswini Sakhis to register or help answer any questions.

Phone : Shilpa Patil - (469) 531 1458, Radhika Dewang – (502) 876 6236, Anjali Patil –(408) 594 5583, Shruti Mandape - (317) 941 0495   

Email: [email protected]

Please hurry up and complete the enrollment as we will have our first information session in the first week of OctoberWe will bring the information session every quarter (or as per the requirements).


Upcoming events,

16th October 2022 - ' Know More About Manaswini,' an information (zoom)session by the Manaswini team at 4 pm (Central time) 

30th October 2022 - 'Stress, Anxiety and Yoga' by Smt. Sarita Gaitonde (more details coming soon)


Meet our Team