Thank You for Making Camping a Fun Event!!

Thank you for the overwhelming response for the camping. It was great two days of fun. We are thrilled in the way all of use mingled, played together, danced and partied, had good food. In short - had loads of fun. It was great to meet new folks, and meet the long timers. Sucn events bring us together as an extended family!!

No event is possible without tireless effort and support from the volunteers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers!! Here are the names of the volunteers - we have tried to capture the names of all - however in case, we may have missed some - please let us know and we will get the name included. 

Ajay Tipnis Kapil Pathak Sameer Vaidya 
Anuja Sathe Madhuri bedse Sanjay Date
Anup Shahapurker Manisha Patil Shri and Yashodhara Gangal
Aparna Chandratre Mihir Wadekar Shrinivas Asanare
Aparna Kulkarni Namrata Jagtap Shubhada Godbole
Aparna Pathak Nikhil Potbhare Sonali Vaidya
Ashwini Jagtap Prasanna Waranshiwar Suhas Hangal
Barin Kulkarni Pritam Bedse Sumedh Thopte
Deepali Hangal Rahul Karnik Tanupriya Joshi
Deodatta Nabar Rasika shapurkar Vaidehi Choudhary
Gauri Wadekar Sachin Deshpande Yogita Nehate
Harshad and Vidula Khadilkar Sadbhaw Natu

A BIG Thanks to all the volunteers!!

Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 11:00am to Sunday, May 8, 2016 - 11:00am


Here is the content of the webpage before the event!


We are all looking forward to our next event!.. Our Annual Camping!! 

Please mark your calendars for our annual camping and picnic for May 7th and 8th at Bonham State Park.

We have a very few open spots for tent-sites, and a few more for barrack spots open!. Hurry! Book your spot!  

Here is the tentative list of activities for the camping. Get ready to have fun! 

Saturday May 7th 
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Arrival and Registration
12:30 PM -  Lunch
2:30 PM -  Games / sports / Outdoor Activities
5:00 PM: High Tea and Snacks
7:00 PM: Dinner
9:00 PM: Campfire, Antakshari

Sunday May 8th:
6:30 AM: Sunrise walk, Yoga Session for early risers!!
8:00 AM : Tea
9:00 AM : Breakfast
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM: Wrap up

Please read the instructions carefully at the bottom of this page before booking! Login using your membership account to see the camping booking. (Note that tentsites are now fully booked. We do have a few barracks - which provide indoor facility with bunkbed)

Donation to Non Profit Org for Drought Relief
Multiples of $100
Please note that this amount is for donation, and not towards any event
Multiples of $20
Please note that this amount is for donation, and not towards any event

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Here are a few notes to keep the process streamlined & to ensure that members get the benefits: 

  1. Please note that this is members only event - like every year. Membership for 2015-16 is now closed. No 'non-members friends' please!!  We want as many members to get the benefit of their membership privileges.
  2. There is a limit of maximum 4 count per family and if you have more than that in the current family please send a request and we will accommodate you.

  3. Please note that tent site booking comes with booking for one individual, please select additional people for tent site using the sku for additional people. For those booking barracks - note that additional person sku is for tent site bookings.

  4. Do it yourself (DIY) to avoid double bookings!! Every member has to do their own booking.

  5. You can either book a barrack or a tent site for your family and not both. Barrack booking is on per head basis while the tent booking is one tent per family.
  6. We will have a right to cancel any overbooking and refund the money
  7. It will be strictly first come first serve basis. The entry charge and all park fees will be included in the fee.

  8. Please note that booking is not cancellable and cannot be exchanged.
  9. All the food and activities are included with the booking. Please bring your own water. 

Barrack capacity is 80 individuals, About 40 tents ~ 160 individuals, and additionally - we will have capacity of 100 for individuals who prefer to come just for the day trip (upto 10 pm on 7th May). 

I am looking forward to Saturday 16th April to do my booking, I am sure a lot of us are looking forward to the booking for the camping!!